In today’s age of modern technological advancements, a major part of security can be managed by using electronic surveillance and monitoring methods. CCTV’s, biometric devices, and smart card machines are today commonly used for enhancing the security measures of establishments. These devices, however, still form an auxiliary part of a comprehensive security apparatus. Manned guarding is still considered the primary security measure in most circumstances because the physical presence of a security guard affords a high degree of versatility and effectiveness.

Some of the benefits of having a security guard at your business are:


Simply having a security guard present is a great impediment to crime. Thieves or criminals will think twice about targeting a business that is being watched over. Professional security guards are highly trained to assess a situation, look for suspicious activity and take necessary actions in case of a breach of security. Manned guarding will effectively prevent trespassing, theft, vandalism, and personal harm.

Customer Service

Security guards play a very important role when it comes to customer service. A security guard, in many cases, will be the first point of interaction between your business and your customers. Security guards go far beyond their primary responsibilities to performing a wide range of functions like greeting the customers, escorting them to their transport, and guiding them to the right place at your business.

Handling Crime

Security guards regularly receive intensive training that enables them to respond to crimes effectively. Businesses have the option of employing either armed or unarmed guards and establishing a standard protocol for handling crime suspects.

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