Your valuable business, properties, and assets are a constant potential target for burglars, robbers, criminals, and people with ulterior motives. To fully fulfill its responsibilities of protecting you and your assets, the security industry can therefore never rest, being on its toes 24/7. Nor can the industry fall behind in creativity and perseverance, because the nature of security threats is dynamic and constantly changing.

Some modern security trends that one needs to watch in 2020 and beyond are as follow:

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring enables your property to be constantly monitored from a central location, without your physical presence at the site of interest. This makes it possible to monitor any site, even in cases where physical access is difficult. In case of any breach of security by intrusion or any other threat, you can easily inform authorities of the same. It is the perfect solution to keep your property and people safe from all kinds of threats, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Access control

A common problem arising in the management of property and businesses is access control. Owners need to not only grant access to their properties to the right people, but they also require constant monitoring of who enters and leaves their properties. Conventional methods of access control are steadily growing more obsolete. Employees may be careless, and badges, keys, and ID cards can be stolen or lost. Social engineering can help intruders talk their way past security guards. Monitoring the ingress and egress of personnel into sites can be cumbersome, if not sometimes entirely impossible.

These issues can be tackled by using biometrics, which uses characteristics like facial and voice recognition, fingerprints and iris scans to grant and monitor access. Biometric patterns are much more difficult to fake, as they are unique to each individual. The use of biometrics is bound to see an increase in the coming years, to take security concerns to the next level.


According to a report by Forbes, more than one trillion dollars will be spent on cybersecurity globally by the end of 2021. A comprehensive cyber and physical security plans must incorporate both preventive and remedial actions to deal with existing and potential threats. The development and deployment of such a plan require expert consultation that is adept at handling the newest techniques and methods in the field of cybersecurity.

To keep up with the latest security innovations, we at Wings Security are constantly upgrading our systems, strategies, and training of our guards to ensure that we are always at least one step ahead of security threats.

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